Reinventing the Axe

Do you know what it means to “reinvent the wheel”? The Finn Heikki Kärnä, who passionately likes to chop wood, has reinvented something that is much older than the wheel: the axe!

Vipukirves means about “lever axe” and it is hard to believe that there is not much earlier someone has come on it. This axe is just awesome. The special design makes use of the physical laws, which makes the axe twist easily when it hits the wood. And the log is automatically cut off at the first stroke. It has a lot of advantages: you can chop with it on any pad, because the punch never goes through the wood completely, the blade does not stick in the wood, you need less strength and thanks to the long shaft the risk of injury is minimal. With some practice you can create a whole log in less than a minute.

Vipukirves has been designed in Finland and is made of high quality steel and hickory wood. In the 10 years since this axe has been there, not one axe head has ever been broken. Shut up and be happy. Because you know: even chopped wood warms best.

Product features Vipukirves – Finnish Spaltax:

  • Vipukirves Leveraxe, effectively cleave wood with an axe, which makes use of the physical laws
  • Turns slightly at the blow and thus separates the wood log
  • When striking, you should keep this axe slightly looser than an ordinary axe
  • Even less powerful persons will enjoy it
  • If the wood is not fully penetrated, it can be used on all surfaces
  • Patented Finnish design
  • Material: steel, hickory (the blade is made of leather)
  • Safer than a normal axe
  • Measurements: 90 x 20 x 7 cm
  • Weight: 3 kg

Gadgets to make your life easier

Dynamic mood light: Avea

“Avea” from Elgato is a LED lamp, which fits into a normal E27 socket and can be individually controlled by app with the iPhone or iPad. Up to ten of these lamps, which are automatically tuned to each other, can be used in your premises. There are different predefined light moods, which not only simply radiate a clumsy red, but also gently alternate between different nuances. Beautiful: If you fall asleep the integrated light alarm, the next morning will be awakened with a simulated sunrise.

For more information, visit

Remote controlled droid: BB-8 from Sphero


He is small, round and probably high on the wish list of many Star Wars fans. The rolling drones BB-8 from the 7th Star Wars films (a kind of sphere R2-D2) are available from Sphero as a remote-controlled mini-toy robot. The promise: BB-8 is supposed to respond to language commands, to move authentically, to make holographic messages and develop a personality of its own.

The BB-8 from Sphero in the test
BB-8 consists of a ball body with unbalance and a magnetically adjustable head, which moves automatically along. The roll robot is remotely controlled via app (connection via Bluetooth is completely automatic), loses however with times too hard collisions however also the head. After initial alignment, the control works well – with slight delay. Best substrate: flat floors, such as wood or concrete. On carpet the robot colleague gets slight difficulties.

60 minutes of fun
BB-8 has a few pre-programmed moves on it, can patrol the room explore and gives the loudspeakers of the smartphone or tablet droll beep sounds from itself. The speech control currently only reacts to prefabricated English commands. Proper holographic projections can not be the small one either. The recorded video messages are reproduced in a kind of augmented reality environment within the app on the smartphone display. The colleague also does not develop his own personality, in the sense of “capable of learning”. But: Controlling the BB-8 through the living room and office is really fun – at least for a certain time. The battery lasts for 1 hour, then the droid needs to go back to the charging tray.

Parrot AR.Drone 2.0

Images and video recordings in 720p resolution from a new perspective – from above: The “Parrot AR.Drone 2.0” is a flight drip with built-in HD camera. The Quadrocopter is controlled by the app “AR.Freeflight” for iOS and Android. The image of the camera is transmitted live on the smartphone or tablet. In addition, the system is compatible with the “Carl Zeiss Cinemizer OLED” VR video projector and the “Nvidia Shield” console, both devices can be found here in our gallery.

Cool toys: New technology gadgets for men

Men need men’s toys. We will show you the best new gadgets and tools you should try right away.

Outdoor speakers: UE Megaboom

The “Megaboom” from Ultimate Ears is a portable Bluetooth loudspeaker with rich all-around sound on the road, controllable via app for iOS and Android devices. The highlight: The chic sound cylinder in the simple design has the best outdoor qualities for sports and leisure. The rugged housing is completely unimpressed by light falls, is water resistant to a depth of one meter (for 30 minutes) and weighs just under 900 grams.

With these details it should be clear that the Megaboom would like to perform outside in the open their sound work, embeddled in the sand on the spontaneous beach party, hitched to the hiking backpack or hitched in the drink holder. The weather does not matter. Streaming is via Bluetooth on up to two Megabooms, which can be linked to each other. The range is about 30 meters; the battery lasts up to 20 hours.

Conclusion a
In the test, the Megaboom made a consistently successful impression. The proud price of just under 300 euro is a lot of brows, but there is also a lot of quality offered. Especially sporty outdoor fans, who want to enjoy their music on the go with friends, will appreciate the hard-wearing speakers. If you prefer something more compact, grab the smaller brother “UE Boom” for 199 euros.

Sound LED Lamp: Sengled Pulse

The LED lamp “Pulse” from Sengled with integrated loudspeaker from JBL fits into every E26 version and can be controlled immediately by app for iOS and Android via WLAN or Bluetooth. The right music comes from the smartphone, tablet or PC wirelessly via stream. Up to seven additional satellite bulbs can be integrated and controlled at the same time via a master bulb.

Cinema simulator: Carl Zeiss Cinemizer OLED

The perfect entertainment gadget for longer journeys by train, bus, car or plane: the 3D VR video block can be combined with video-enabled iPods, iPhone or Android smartphones and simulates a 40-inch screen. The “Cinemizer OLED” can also be connected to PC, laptop, game console or Blu-ray player, to bring the event directly before the eyes. The application possibilities are extensive: For example, the Cinemizer OLED can also be used for “First Person View” (FPV), for example with a model aircraft with a built-in camera, which transmits its images in real time to the VR glasses.

Useful for spectacle wearers: A diopter value can be adjusted between -5 and +2 per eye by means of visual adjustment.

Stay tuned for more gadgets…