Cool toys: New technology gadgets for men

Men need men’s toys. We will show you the best new gadgets and tools you should try right away.

Outdoor speakers: UE Megaboom

The “Megaboom” from Ultimate Ears is a portable Bluetooth loudspeaker with rich all-around sound on the road, controllable via app for iOS and Android devices. The highlight: The chic sound cylinder in the simple design has the best outdoor qualities for sports and leisure. The rugged housing is completely unimpressed by light falls, is water resistant to a depth of one meter (for 30 minutes) and weighs just under 900 grams.

With these details it should be clear that the Megaboom would like to perform outside in the open their sound work, embeddled in the sand on the spontaneous beach party, hitched to the hiking backpack or hitched in the drink holder. The weather does not matter. Streaming is via Bluetooth on up to two Megabooms, which can be linked to each other. The range is about 30 meters; the battery lasts up to 20 hours.

Conclusion a
In the test, the Megaboom made a consistently successful impression. The proud price of just under 300 euro is a lot of brows, but there is also a lot of quality offered. Especially sporty outdoor fans, who want to enjoy their music on the go with friends, will appreciate the hard-wearing speakers. If you prefer something more compact, grab the smaller brother “UE Boom” for 199 euros.

Sound LED Lamp: Sengled Pulse

The LED lamp “Pulse” from Sengled with integrated loudspeaker from JBL fits into every E26 version and can be controlled immediately by app for iOS and Android via WLAN or Bluetooth. The right music comes from the smartphone, tablet or PC wirelessly via stream. Up to seven additional satellite bulbs can be integrated and controlled at the same time via a master bulb.

Cinema simulator: Carl Zeiss Cinemizer OLED

The perfect entertainment gadget for longer journeys by train, bus, car or plane: the 3D VR video block can be combined with video-enabled iPods, iPhone or Android smartphones and simulates a 40-inch screen. The “Cinemizer OLED” can also be connected to PC, laptop, game console or Blu-ray player, to bring the event directly before the eyes. The application possibilities are extensive: For example, the Cinemizer OLED can also be used for “First Person View” (FPV), for example with a model aircraft with a built-in camera, which transmits its images in real time to the VR glasses.

Useful for spectacle wearers: A diopter value can be adjusted between -5 and +2 per eye by means of visual adjustment.

Stay tuned for more gadgets…

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