Reinventing the Axe

Do you know what it means to “reinvent the wheel”? The Finn Heikki Kärnä, who passionately likes to chop wood, has reinvented something that is much older than the wheel: the axe!

Vipukirves means about “lever axe” and it is hard to believe that there is not much earlier someone has come on it. This axe is just awesome. The special design makes use of the physical laws, which makes the axe twist easily when it hits the wood. And the log is automatically cut off at the first stroke. It has a lot of advantages: you can chop with it on any pad, because the punch never goes through the wood completely, the blade does not stick in the wood, you need less strength and thanks to the long shaft the risk of injury is minimal. With some practice you can create a whole log in less than a minute.

Vipukirves has been designed in Finland and is made of high quality steel and hickory wood. In the 10 years since this axe has been there, not one axe head has ever been broken. Shut up and be happy. Because you know: even chopped wood warms best.

Product features Vipukirves – Finnish Spaltax:

  • Vipukirves Leveraxe, effectively cleave wood with an axe, which makes use of the physical laws
  • Turns slightly at the blow and thus separates the wood log
  • When striking, you should keep this axe slightly looser than an ordinary axe
  • Even less powerful persons will enjoy it
  • If the wood is not fully penetrated, it can be used on all surfaces
  • Patented Finnish design
  • Material: steel, hickory (the blade is made of leather)
  • Safer than a normal axe
  • Measurements: 90 x 20 x 7 cm
  • Weight: 3 kg
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